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Everything you need to run your fleet business

Farebox brings every aspect of your fleet business to one place so you can save time and get back to running your company. Stop the silly errors, coordinate your team better, and impress your customers using these tools.

Real-time GPS tracking

Know where every unit in your fleet is at all times. Stop guessing.

Manage customer acceptance

Allow your customers to agree to bookings directly via their email. No more back-and-forth.

Build live itineraries

Send your customers a link to their itinerary that's always up to date. Stop the emails.

Set schedule item visibility

Only show your customers what they need to see. Hide deadhead itinerary points to reduce clutter for your customer.

Share public links

Create a special link to send to your customers so they can share booking details with others.

Nail the details with notes

Leave your own notes either for everyone to see or just your internal team. Handle those special situations with ease.

Conflict detection

Never double book the same vehicle again with our advanced conflict detection. Get warnings before there's an issue.

Manage deposits

Optionally track customer deposits to reduce no-shows and cancellations. Collect on the final balance with ease.

Process refunds

Handle refunds with ease directly in Farebox. Send payments back to the original card or process the refund manually using whatever form you like.

Driver View

Give your drivers a special view of the reservation so they only see what's necessary.

"On the way" customer updates

Automatically email and text your customers at the start of their reservation with a link to the tracking map.

Grow your contacts list

Track customer contact information so you know your best customers and how to reach them.

On your own terms

Set your own custom terms and conditions so customers agree to how you do business.

Set booking statuses

Know what step a booking is in at a glance so your team always knows the next step for a reservation.

Use custom fields

Create whatever fields you like on a booking to make Farebox yours. Customize for your specific needs.

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Reorder your itinerary with ease. Switch route points while preserving addresses and details.

Always send the right equipment with assignments

Assign specific vehicles and staff members to bookings so the right vehicle and teammate shows up every time.

Shift acceptance

Handle staff shift acknowledgements so you never have to hear "I didn't see that" ever again.

Add taxes and fees

Build your own taxes and fees so you're always compensated for what you're owed.

Track driver availability

Add custom schedules for each driver or staff member so you know who is available and who isn't.

Set day-of contacts

Make sure your staff is reaching out to the right person on the big day. Set custom day-of contacts for each booking.

Automatic reminder emails

Send automatic emails to your customers 30, 14, 7, 3, and 1 days before a reservation. And follow up automatically afterwards to see how it went.

See all of your bookings at once

Manage your bookings in a clear and concise list with custom columns. You can also export your bookings if you want to process your data elsewhere. It's your data, handle it how you want.

Build your own intake form, simple or complex

Accept customer requests directly on your website using a form with your logos. Approve, modify, or reject requests at your leisure.

Understand history with Audit Log

See who did what on a booking with a detailed audit log of every action.

Schedule View

Understand the schedule for every vehicle and staff member at a glance using Schedule View.

Accept credit cards online

Allow your customers to pay directly on a booking so you're not taking payment over the phone or by snail mail. Accelerate your revenue.

Track vehicle details

Track VIN numbers, license plates, service readiness, photos and more for all of your vehicles.

Duplicate a booking

Copy the details of a booking to a new date with a single click.

Set event types

Different events require a different set of circumstances. Create as many event types as you like so your team knows what they're heading into.

Track capacity

Different vehicles have different capacities. Set the capacities for each of your assets and track utilization on your bookings.

Today View

It's like mission control for your fleet. See what's happening today at an instant so you know the score.

Record manual payments

Track any payment outside of Farebox so you always have accurate books. Perfect for checks, cash, ACH, wires, and any other payment types.

Planned staff and vehicle downtime

Schedule outages for your team and vehicles and immediately see it reflected in your schedule.

Automatically update run details in the field

Make changes to a reservation and everyone gets updated instantly! Never have a duplication error again.

Use real place names instead of addresses

Type in real place names and our system will find the proper address. Never go hunting for an address again.

SMS shift notifications

Text your staff members the moment a shift is assigned so they know their schedule as quickly as possible. Zero effort.

Set user roles

Keep private information private with user roles. Set different staff members to different levels of access.

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